Monday, July 4, 2011

Damaged beyond repair

It turns out I’m not the only one pissed off after a trip to the bank, although Printesa Urbana seems to have gone through a bit of a different situation.

Now, what upset me about her post is the way she refers to the bank officer and how she calls her corporate as an insult! To work for a corporation is, to some, a sure sign of being not a very smart asshole.

Now, I can easily see where Printesa’s frustration with the corporate world comes from, as anyone who has at least one acquaintance working for one should. Corporations are a fine example of a good idea with a crappy implementation. Groups of people working together to put the best product out on the market? Excellent! Going across borders in search of the best ideas, resources and cost options? Fantastic! Selling your own mother for it? Uhmmm, no, thanks.

You know, it’s not P&G that messes people up, or OMV, or ING. It’s the unhappy, disoriented and lonely people working for them, who have been viciously led to believe that the only genuine measure of their significance comes from the money and status of their corporate jobs. Innocents who had no idea of the sham they were about to buy into when they got a job with a big name then spend years trying to find their way out of the system (trust me, I’d know). What dazzles me is that corporations don’t seem to get it, or get it and just don’t care about it, because they sure aren’t doing much about it, except some PR(=propaganda) that raises more skepticism than anything else. Clients, suppliers and an increasing proportion of their own employees have come to believe that the corporate wagon is riding fast right into a stone wall. As for survivors, I only hope that by the time of the crash they will not be damaged beyond repair.

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